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Monsters, terror and peril prevail. Thematic emphasis: The dangerous world we live in, the vulnerability of the average person, and the inherent threat of the unknown. A devastating crime is about to be committed, or has been committed with the threat of an even worse one in the wings.

The perpetrator is known, but his guilt is not absolutely certain—or the hero wishes not to accept the truth of his guilt. The uncertainty enhances the suspense.

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Note the difference from the mystery genre, where the villain typically remains hidden. The Hero: Given the relentless attack the villain inflicts, and the emphasis on terror and dread, the thriller hero must be vulnerable—not just physically but psychologically. The Villain: In the best thrillers, the villain either targets the hero specifically from the outset or learns through the course of the story what his particular weaknesses and wants are, and targets them for ruthless attack.

Setting: Whether as small as a cottage in the woods or as large as the planet, the world the hero seeks to protect represents everything she values. The stakes are ultimate.


At the Scene of the Crime: Top 10 Plot Ideas

The threat need not be total devastation—the assassination of a leader will do—but the effect of the action must be profound. The villain can be a terrorist, a diabolical genius, or an ordinary person with an oversized grudge and a unique capacity for damage. Given the scope of the threat, the protagonist must possess the skills to defeat the villain, and thus is often a soldier, a spy, a trained assassin, a cop, or a civilian with a special skill set.

This is a pull-out-all-the-stops genre.

Detectives and other investigators abound on our TV and cinema screens.

Reader Expectations : A diabolical plot, a superbly capable and motivated nemesis, a hero with an impossible mission, breakneck pacing, and clever but credible plot twists. The third act, however, moves briskly. Reader Expectations : Emphasis is on the eerie over the sensational.

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Twists again are key, with chapters routinely ending in one disturbing revelation after another. This subgenre demands an ability to reveal dread and panic without explosions or car chases. Reader Expectations : An amplification of the powers available to the villain, whether the threat posed is truly spiritual or merely psychological in nature. Also, obviously, a credibly rendered menace from the spirit realm.

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Stumbling into a mystery, thriller or crime story without understanding what agents, editors and readers expect is a recipe for disaster. Your efforts will be rewarded with a resounding yes. Only available online here at the WritersDigestShop. Related Articles.

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