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By the time she met with Margaret she was far more forgiving and was able to apologize for her part in the relationship without being distracted by any resentments. Much to her surprise, Margaret accepted her apology wholeheartedly and apologized in turn for her part in the relationship. They are now on friendly terms and actually get together at some family gatherings, making Rose's children's lives a lot easier.

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Unless you completely forgive the person you wronged for his or her part in the interaction, your resentment will seep out and contaminate your apology. You'll end up letting your resentment slip out in statements like, "Of course, what you did didn't help the situation any. If you hadn't been so stubborn and pig-headed I wouldn't have been as forceful as I was in my argument.

Making an apology is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly. Therefore it is very important that you plan and prepare for your apology in order to maximize the possibilities of it being a positive experience for both you and the person you wronged.

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Impulsively picking up the phone or going over to someone's house in order to apologize can set you up for disappointment. As discussed above, you need to devote some time to thinking about the consequences of your actions and to empathize with the person you harmed. And you need to give some thought as to what you want to say. There will, of course, be occasions when a spontaneous "I'm sorry" is very appropriate.

But for those bigger mistakes and transgressions, impulsiveness and spontaneity may convey disrespect and may cause you to botch your efforts at apology. We don't often get a second chance at an apology so make the best of your efforts by doing some preparation.

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On the other hand, don't allow yourself to become so obsessed with what you are going to say and how you are going to say it that you become immobilized. The manner in which you apologize can be as important as the apology itself. For example, some people choose to apologize in person, while others feel that it is more advantageous to apologize in writing. In the following section I will discuss the various ways in which you may choose to apologize, along with the pros and cons of each.

Face-to-face apologies. A face-to-face apology is usually the best way to apologize because it affords the opportunity for the wronged person to see your face and thus be better able to ascertain your sincerity. But it takes courage to look the person you wronged directly in the eyes, admit your offense and apologize.

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And it takes courage to have the person you wronged look in your eyes and see your vulnerability and remorse. If you have this courage you will benefit tremendously.

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Whether the other person is able to forgive you or not, you'll feel good about yourself for being able to face up to your mistakes. There can, however, be some disadvantages to a face-to-face apology. The person being apologized to may feel as if he or she is put on the spot and is being pressured to forgive. Because of this you may want to preface your apology with a statement like, "I would like to apologize to you for I don't expect you to be ready to forgive me.

I just want to say my peace and then I'll give you time to think about what I've said. A face-to-face apology should never be attempted if you have any reason to suspect that the person you wronged may lash out at you physically. If you know ahead of time that the person you have wronged tends to act out violently and is still extremely angry with you, it is probably not a good idea to apologize face-to-face. Written apologies.

Some people feel compelled to travel great distances in order to apologize in person and if this is your situation, by all means follow your instincts. But in most cases, a written apology is probably your best option if the person you wronged lives very far away from you. Written apologies are also a good choice for those who tend to bumble attempts at speaking from the heart. Some people just don't do well when it comes to expressing themselves verbally, either because they become very nervous or because they don't think well on their feet. If this describes you, writing your apology down on paper will likely be far less stressful to you and can be more effective as well.

A written apology can also feel like less pressure to the person you are apologizing to than a face-to-face apology. It gives the person you wronged plenty of time and space to decide whether or not he or she is prepared to forgive you. He or she can reread your letter at leisure, affording her or him the opportunity to think through the situation completely.

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  • Be sure to keep a copy of your apology letter in case the person you've wronged wants to discuss it with you or has questions about what you stated in the letter. It can also be a good idea to keep a copy of the letter as a reminder of the consequences your words and actions. This article printed in Related Matters and www. The contents of this site, and our newsletter Related Matters provides general information only. It is not intended as legal or accounting advice. Accordingly, readers should not act upon information in this publication without seeking professional advice.

    Copyrights to the articles in this newsletter and online remain with the authors and the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley, Inc. A statement of regret for having caused the inconvenience, hurt or damage. This includes an expression of empathy toward the other person, including an acknowledgement of the inconvenience, hurt, or damage that you caused the other person.

    Having empathy for the person you hurt or angered is the most important part of your apology. When you truly have empathy the other person will feel it. Your apology will wash over him or her like a healing balm.

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    • On the other hand, if you don't have empathy your apology will sound and feel empty. An acceptance of responsibility for your actions. This means not blaming anyone else for what you did and not making excuses for your actions but instead accepting full responsibility for what you did and for the consequences of your actions.

      A statement of your willingness to take some action to remedy the situation--either by promising to not repeat your action, a promise to work toward not making the same mistake again, a statement as to how you are going to remedy the situation go to therapy or by making restitution for the damages you caused. Apologizing to your spouse for having an affair is insulting unless you offer reassurances: It will never happen again because we will seek therapy, because I've quit my job, because I'll take you on my business trips.

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      Regret, Responsibility and Remedy Unless all three of these elements are present, the other person will sense that something is missing in your apology and he or she will feel shortchanged somehow. Regret The desire to apologize needs to come from the realization that you have hurt someone or caused them some difficulty in their life. Examples: "I am so sorry. I know I hurt your feelings and I feel terrible about it.

      Examples: "I'm sorry, I realize that by being late I made us miss the first part of the movie. I know it is difficult for you to trust people and my lying to you hasn't made it any easier. I shouldn't have lied no matter how afraid I was of your reaction. You have every right to be angry with me. I shouldn't have said those words to you.

      There's no excuse for my behavior and I know I hurt you deeply. Remedy While you can't go back and undo or redo the past, you can do everything within your power to repair the harm you caused. Examples: "I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you. Next time the movie is on me. I promise I won't do it again. I'll work on letting you know when I don't like something instead of holding it all in and then exploding like that.

      I'm going to go into therapy so I can understand why I act the way I do. Make No Excuses Once you begin to reconstruct what led up to the wrong you did, it is natural to begin making excuses for your actions. In a second study, college students read the same set of scenarios as in the first study.

      Why It's Important to Apologize in Relationships

      This time the apologies were written to better mimic an actual spoken statement. Again, participants were asked to rate how effective, credible, and adequate the apology statement was.

      haktad.org/includes/cellphone/kecik-iphone-8-plus.html Across both studies, the best apologies were also the most thorough: The more elements included in the apology, the higher it was rated.