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I throw them away.

I feel great kinship with my ancestors from the time before Green Giant frozen goods. Corn kernels fly everywhere. I small-dice everything else, and by the time I quarter the last lime, I am transformed. I am Gordon Ramsay, warrior of the kitchen. I throw the zucchini, rice, and water into a pot. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels; season on both sides with salt, pepper and the ancho chili powder.

I wrap the cold chicken breasts in paper towels and squeeze them for a minute. I season them with the ancho chili powder from my knick-knack baggy.

146 | Embrace The Suck With Shannyn Allan

Cook, loosely covering the pan with aluminum foil, 4 to 6 minutes per side, or until blackened, crispy and cooked through. The chili-dusted chicken actually does blacken. Fond means browned bits in the pan, by the way. The rice is cooking, nothing is burning, and all is well.

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I throw all the leftover ingredients in the fond. I go rogue and add some extra cherry tomatoes. Transfer the cooked chicken to a cutting board; slice crosswise. Stir any juices from the cutting board into the pan of vegetables. I meet so many interesting people doing the same with interesting jobs that are also not !

Great way to break up the day! Sean, Another great reminder of why doing what we do makes us the luckiest people on Earth. As an avid exerciser, I always hated having to train before or after work. It does feel kind of weird though coming out of the movie to sunshine instead of darkness…. Love this post Sean! Work fits around your life rather than life fitting around your work.

Anyways, my two favorite reasons are exercising at 11 am because I get to do that with my business and not sending my daughter off to daycare. The training whenever you want is huge!

My Life Sucks! How To Get Motivated When You're Stuck In A Rut?

I love the empty gym. Since I pro wrestle, a few of us get in the ring and mess around when the gym is empty. Nice post. But the title is very sweeping. Except for 4 and 13, I did all these while an employee. And I had the best years of my life as one. A great list but I love 1. Brand new movies too. Nice theater. Less people and saves a bunch of money. Working a traditional job feels like you are at work all the time and just trying to make it to the weekend only to see 2 days go by so fast. In those 2 days I try and do so much fun stuff with my sons.

Being able to do that all day or every day when I want……….

Why Tech Support Sucks: A Look Behind the Scenes

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Not only is the freedom intoxicating, but the challenge is too.

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Thanks for this, reminds me again why I wanted to head into this direction! Sure sounds awesome! Taking a nap on your own personal schedule is the best. I am always careful to set an alarm for my optimal 20 minute power nap. I work from home too and enjoy most of the perks you mentioned — it is a great life.

You are right though — you do work longer hours…. Life is good. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with this article. One of the drawbacks of a is all the soft time spent around work — after you wake up in the morning you spend time taking a shower, shaving, picking an outfit to wear, getting dressed, getting in your vehicle or walking to public transportation, traveling to the office, finding parking and walking to the door, and then taking steps or the elevator to your desk.

This is such a great read. Love this Sean. While I am not yet running a location-independent biz currently, each day I am working towards doing so. Seeing lists like these and reading the other unbeatable perks of being your own boss from anywhere further motivates me and drives me. Thanks again for the post and your great blog bro. All the comments and stories about being location independent has been a great source of motivation. Being your own IT department should be As a Location Rebel, you have total control over all your IT decisions and policies.

How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) — Wait But Why

You can pick the hardware, software, and security that you feel is appropriate for your needs. The downside is that you have total control over all your IT decisions and policies, so any problems will have to be prevented and solved by you. Hi Sean! First of all, great post! I found it through one of your newsletters and I gotta say I hope that someday I can have this type of lifestyle! I was wondering though how you go about with work visas or permits to be able to work in different countries.

Or is it a sort of unspoken rule that you can work online in these countries even if you have a tourist visa? Since I see so many bloggers do this like World of Wanderlust Thanks! Your email address will not be published. What can I say?

20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

It was hot out! Unfortunately movies never fit into my hour long lunch break. Same with travel. Need to buy a new computer? Camera lens? Piece of software? Work, work, work. Same goes with being intelligent, funny, personable, etc. Hmm, I guess I have to agree with Alma for once. However, I found the greatest success by dating no one in my actual class. Older seemed to be better and minimize some of those awkward post-hookup situations and, as we all know, those are never fun.

I respect Alma for her commitment to stay true to herself and her standards. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting something like marriage and a partner who is smart, handsome and successful.

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  7. What about a writer or entrepreneur, etc.? Men can meet all of your requirements and be in a number of different careers. Being a bit more open-minded may increase the chances of finding your Mr. My ex was a Mrs. Candidate but not a law student — looked great naked, had all my friends staring, etc. PhilaLawyer, you know your stuff and I commend you for your insightfulness.

    I mean, her shit is utterly ridiculous. But yet the categories will ring true for the male readers who can probably think of a couple girls they know for each of the categories. I know real life women who are like this. Alma is a bit hyperbolic, but not too far from the mark. Alma is a guy trying, without any success, to be funny. Give it up, dude. I guess I just meant that most girls can identify with some aspect of most of the categories, but do not fit perfectly in one general label.

    I guess the one I could identify with the most is the Social Worker category, but replace Phish show with Widespread Panic. Also, I may have been idealistic going into law school, but not nearly as naive as it describes.