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Along with Brian Duffy and Terence Donovan, he was one of the 'Terrible Trio' - self-taught East End boys who rebelled against the precious style of fashion portraiture as practiced by society photographers like Cecil The image of Catherine of Aragon has always suffered in comparison to the vivacious eroticism of Anne Boleyn. But when Henry VIII married Catherine, she was an auburn-haired beauty in her 20s with a passion she had inherited from her parents, Isabella and Ferdinand, the joint-rulers of Spain who had driven the Moors from their country.

However, we can live without the higher level needs, or developmental needs, but we will never progress as human beings without meeting them. We seek to satisfy these needs so that our lives will become more fulfilling. The rule of thumb for shiny objects is—the lower the need you can stimulate, the more intense the desire will be for the person who needs it. This is not to say that higher-level needs are not highly attractive shiny objects. They certainly can be. For example, if you are marketing food to someone who is famished, your product will definitely be a shiny object.

Depending on how hungry they are, they might even pull off the road the moment they see your restaurant after hearing your ad on the radio. Hunger, thirst, and shelter are three powerful shiny objects. Higher-level needs require a degree of cognitive thinking; that is, you have to decide that you are going to seek them out. In contrast, the lower-level basic needs are requisite for survival. Because the higher-level needs are often based on a conscious decision, they are also more compelling for long-term branding.

What is most important to a person throughout an average day might change based on the conditions of the moment. Survival needs can suddenly override the developmental needs, but they never replace them, and vice versa. Here are a couple of examples. Your lips are dry, your throat is burning, and you feel roasted. Your thirst survival need has kicked in and your shiny object is obtaining something wet and refreshing to pour down your throat. You spot a soda-vending machine, drop in your change, and then come to the moment of decision.

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What soda do you choose? Pepper kind of person in fact, you might even be proud of the fact that you buck the cola trend. In most social gatherings you search for the Dr. Pepper and smugly suck it down while everyone else is drinking their run-of-the-mill Cokes.

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  • Your developmental need that drives you to be unique in the crowd might even motivate you to take a pass on soda if your beloved Dr. But today, you feel like you just came out of the Sahara, and there are no Dr. Peppers in the machine, only Cokes. What do you do? Do Psychological Attraction 31 you take a deep breath and trudge on to find another machine? If your thirst is strong enough, your shiny object to quench your thirst is brighter than your shiny object to stand out in a crowd.

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    • You go for the Coke and forsake your love of Dr. The point is that, depending on the setting, either your survival or developmental need takes control—and your shiny object in each case may be entirely different.

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      At my advertising agency, we have both PCs and Macs. I use whichever one best suits my needs for a particular purpose. Sure, I see some advantages on one side of the fence or the other, but at the end of the day, to me, PCs and Macs are both just computers.

      I would be risking an impassioned rebuke on the almost holy attributes of the Mac. They have convinced a narrow group of people that it is akin to selling their souls to the devil to cross over to the dark side of the PC. It is the them-versus-us attitude that is the shiny object. It is the feeling that you belong to a tribe.

      It is clearly a cognitive decision that has created a deep-seated product loyalty among Mac fans. And Apple loves to polish their shiny object to an almost blinding light. In the ad, PC, a somewhat dour and pudgy old guy, sort of bumbles through the spot.

      Mac, on the other hand, is a hip-looking very condescending dude who always ends up making PC look like a chump. Calling someone a bumbling idiot is definitely not a shiny object. Clearly, these ads will not convince PC users to come into the light.

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      They might appeal to a younger group of teens or 20somethings who have not yet joined a camp and could be attracted to the shiny object of belonging to a hip tribe. But one thing is very clear: they successfully wave that shiny object in front of Mac users and remind them of their moral superiority.

      In that sense, the ads are excellent at solidifying customer loyalty. They are all around us, every moment of the day. We are surrounded by tens of thousands of them. However, not all of them attract our attention. In fact, most of them go unnoticed. The reason is that they are only shiny to us if they have personal meaning or relate to our own unique physical or developmental needs. Many of these shiny objects are literally shiny, such as diamonds, stars, gold, silver, new cars, glistening water, crystal glasses, or a million other objects that gleam and shimmer.

      They only appear shiny if they appeal to an intrinsic need inside of us. Take the diamond, for example. You might be inclined to say that the diamond would be a shiny object regardless of the situation. However, what if you were stranded in the desert, dying of thirst, and a diamond and a glass of water were placed before you? Which one would be your shiny object? In that situation, the diamond is suddenly worthless. Even though it is physically shiny, it has no attraction.