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During the first seven days of its release, 45 million Netflix accounts worldwide watched the film Bird Box, making it the most successful first week for a Netflix film to date. Connect Sign up for weekly updates Webcam For media. George has great heart and Julia has a gift for art. She invites Ivan into her world of line and color and Ivan gradually begins to understand that he can use his paper and crayons to share the most wondrous of things, shape and sound and taste.

When Stella passes away, she leaves Ivan responsible for Ruby, the baby elephant who has been stolen away from her family to be the star of the show and the attraction that will line the owner, Mack's, pockets with money. How can a silver-back gorilla save the life of an elephant?

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  5. How can a trio of forgotten orphans build meaning in their empty world? This is a heartwarming story of friendship and honor and the power of caring for someone other than yourself. Ivan is easy-going something silverback gorilla who lives in a mall with a small menagerie of other creatures. Day in and day out he watches humans watch him and paints. Next to his domain is the domain of one of his best friends: a wise, old, circus elephant named Stella.

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    He is content with his existence until Ruby, a baby elephant arrives. Now Ivan must decide if he can be the silverback he was meant to be and how he can enlist the help of the one human who understands him. The many chapters of the book help, instead of hinder, its appeal to readers, as many chapters are very brief, which provides a lot of white space within the book when skimming through.

    Applegate is skilled in ensuring the few words in these chapters possess a lot of power and move the story forward. As Ivan at one point says, gorillas, unlike humans, are not known to waste words, and Applegate, speaking through Ivan, is careful not to do just that. Although we can never really know what goes on inside the mind of a gorilla, this story makes it seem as though we can.

    The world and creatures within this book play a part in a very moving story that addresses difficult issues sometimes with straightforwardness, and sometimes with obliqueness, allowing readers of differing ages to complete the story with inferences. I think boys and girls who are interested in animals and family relationships will appreciate this book.

    The sentence structure tends to be simple, as it is Ivan who is speaking, so readers with a wide variety of reading levels could find this accessible. Applegate, Katherine.

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    The One and Only Ivan. Patricia Castelao.

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    New York: Harper, The One and Only Ivan Hot. Write Review Add to favorites. Book Information Reading Level. Ages Middle Readers. The Champion The Investigator. Katherine Applegate. User reviews.

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    January 08, The One And Only Ivan is about a gorilla who lives in a mall,he also is in a cage near other animals, and one animal he lives with is an old elephant. So life is simple,until a young elephant moves in. Ivan must find a way to take care of the baby elephant when the old elephant can't! M Malachi. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you?

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    This book is really good for animal lovers. This book was about a gorilla living in a mall and a domain, Ivan tells about his life and goes through really sad moments. R Raj.

    The real-life story of Ivan the gorilla

    May 21, I read this and did not think I was going to like it, but I loved it. It really made me think, and reminded me a lot of Charlotte's Web!